Haiti's Hope Foundation

Holy Trinity Foundation was born out of one woman's desire to help feed and educate the children from her home town in Haiti, and has captured our hearts as a place we are called in mission. We hope you will join us in service to the villages of La Saline Trouen, and Ti Paradis in Haiti! Here are the children with flip-flops and school supplies that we sent!


Together We Can!

Continue to provide meals to over 100 children a day!

Continue to provide an educational program for children in grades K-8!

Maintain a literacy program for adult learners!

Provide adequate health care: vaccines, testing, clinical support and family planning!

Continue to improve the wonderful building that Rose built to make feeding and educating the children on rainy days possible!

Drill for fresh water!

Provide shoes and clothing, water purification tablets, and even some toys! Please join us!


Meet Rose:

Rose Rhinvil is the Founder of Holy Trinity Foundation! A Haitian American with the biggest heart in all of Haiti or America! Once while visiting her brother and his family in Haiti, she was having a picnic lunch on the lawn with her nephews. As they sat there eating, children came out of the surrounding forest and sat quietly behind her nephews. They did not speak to one another. When her nephews were done eating, the oldest quietly gathered the leftover food, and handed it to the eldest of the children who were gathered. He in turn shared it with the rest of the children. Rose was so moved by this, she decided to start feeding them herself. So, on some land donated by her brother to the Episcopal Church for the purposes of one day building a church (there has never been enough money for the church), she began feeding the children right from an open fire with some pots, rice and beans! She hired a cook to buy the food, cook the food, and serve it. It grew to about 100 kids every day. Since she couldn't feed them when it rained (it was cooked on an open fire) she turned to some land her father gave her where she had once started to build an orphanage and had only gotten as far as the foundation, and started building there again to house the feeding program (fortunately, the roof wasn't on yet and it survived the quake). She also started an afterschool program (now a school program post-earthquake) and does some basic blood pressure monitoring etc when she goes down. Rose's own home was lost in the earthquake, as was a small building used for the after-school program.  Rose continues her work nonetheless! Her foundation is now a mission of Christ Church, and we do all we can for this one little corner of God's Creation. Please join us!

There is so much to do!

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