Confirmation Program and Guidelines 


Alleluia!!!  Confirmation Preparation begins with baptism, when we who are gathered together make promises and vows for our children, and they receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and are sealed as Christ’s own forever!  It continues throughout their early years through receiving the sacraments, attending Sunday School, worship, and various church activities.  Preparation happens in our homes with our prayers, and our family traditions and spiritual practices.  When our children are entering at least the 9th grade, we begin a formal 2-year preparation for our youth to make their own mature affirmation of faith in the Rite of confirmation.  The 2-year preparation is a time of intense growth, learning, questioning, and decision making.  It is a wonderful time that we rejoice in offering to our youth as they make their spiritual journey as Christ himself did in his own youth.  Confirmation preparation is offered to all youth and adults beginning in the 9th grade.  These Guidelines are generally for youth who are seeking Confirmation, adults seeking Confirmation, Reception into the Episcopal Church, or Re-Affirmation of your faith, please see the Rector, who will joyfully receive you! Confirmation is a mature affirmation of faith, and thus we take the preparation for that affirmation very seriously.  Here are the guidelines and expectations for the two formal years of preparation: 


1.     Candidates must be at least in the 9th grade to begin formal preparation. 


2.     Preparation requires the attendance of at least one retreat, which normally will be and overnight at St. John the Divine in NYC, and/or the Diocesan led Confirmation Retreat with the bishop in the spring of a Candidate’s Confirmation. 


3.     Preparation requires attendance in Sunday School (normally the Journey to Adulthood Program) 3 out of 4 Sundays a month. 


4.     Confirmation Classes will either be offered once per month during the “Academic Year, or held prior to spring Confirmation in an intensive, often with the Deanery.”  Meeting times and places will vary.


 5.     Outreach: Each Class will explore Outreach possibilities and fulfill an outreach requirement prior to Confirmation. 


6.     Ministry Exploration: Each Confirmand will explore ministry options within the church, and will serve in at least one area.  Possible ministries include Acolytes, Choir, Mission and Outreach, Ushers, Altar Guild, etc.   


7.     Written Essay: A written personal essay will be due to the Rector in the spring before Confirmation.  Topic and Due date to be determined with each class.   


8.     Meeting with the Rector: Each Confirmand will meet informally with the Rector in the Spring prior to Confirmation for at least 30 minutes.   


9.     Rite of reconciliation: Each Confirmand will make their confession at least once in the spring prior to Confirmation. 


10.  Adult Shepherd: Each Confirmand will, with the help of leaders, choose an adult shepherd in the church who will sponsor them, support them and attend their Confirmation as a representative of the Body of Christ.  Shepherds will be chosen in the January prior to the spring Confirmation. 


11.  Commitment to on-going formation Post-Confirmation through ministry participation.  


Christ Church Easton recognizes that the years of Confirmation Preparation are special years when our beloved youth live on the borders of the Holy  in a way that is frought with peril, deep emotion, and joyful expectation.  It is our desire to be with our youth where they are, as they are, and help them and us recognize Christ within, without, and all around.  As Thomas Merton said: "Life is very simple: we are living in a world that is absolutely transparent to God and God is shining through it all the time.  This is not a fable or a nice story. It is true. God manifests himself everywhere, in every thing, in people and in things and in nature and in events. You cannot be without God. It's impossible. Simply impossible."  We invite you to join us on this wonderful journey.



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